Everlast® Siding is made of a proprietary formula that is a Composite of Polymeric Resins and Performance Minerals.

Yes, because Everlast® Siding contains no fibrous materials that will absorb water, rot, or corrode, it can be installed direct to grade.

Yes, because of its 100% ASA capstock, it is very compatible with exterior acrylic latex paints. The proper paint and primer information can be obtained from your paint professional. Please be advised, painting Everlast® Siding will void the ColorWatch™ portion of the warranty.

Colors are on file at Sherwin Williams, Framingham, MA.

Everlast® siding does not have to be caulked, but you may caulk if you desire. Many wood-composite siding products require caulking because if water were to get in the butt edge the siding would rot, but with Everlast®, this does not happen.

100% ASA capstock (competitors use a diluted formulation that can quickly fade), a larger and more experienced product manufacturer, a more natural looking woodgrain pattern, and a proven movement-controlling design.

Simply put: Everlast® Composite Siding will look nicer and last longer than any other siding on the market.

Everlast® is installed end-to-end like cedar clapboard and not overlapped like vinyl siding. Everlast® is installed over a weather-resistive barrier. Like most building products, Everlast® may expand and contract, but minimally. The climate, moisture level, and substrate to which the siding is installed may also play a role in the amount of actual expansion/contraction.

Everlast is 547% thicker than vinyl. These interlocking planks measure out at 3/8″ thick, and will provide superior protection from the elements.

Simple Answer: Never.

Everlast® has zero wood fibers within it and therefore does not have the common wood fibers you would see in fiber cement, cedar wood or particle board siding.